“… the most regrettable thing is that modern instrument makers are committed to manufacturing instruments with so little effort. It seems that a craftsman will use one piece or another without a specific reason, but instead follows his whims.”
Leopold Mozart: Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule, Augsburg 1756

Having experimented with countless methods and after complex development steps we still strive to obtain the best possible sound from our raw material. Good enough is not good enough for us.

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Tone Diameter Length Price Quantity
A 1 120 cm EUR 31,50
exkl. USt
excl. Shipping costs
D 2 120 cm EUR 53,00
exkl. USt
excl. Shipping costs
G 3 120 cm EUR 70,50
exkl. USt
excl. Shipping costs
C 4 120 cm EUR 116,00
exkl. USt
excl. Shipping costs

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Since the string length (vibrating length of the string measured from nut to bridge) of individual instruments differs, the string thicknesses should be chosen according to the string length.

We produce special pure gut G-and C-strings for cello.
By combining the traditional rope production methods with string making techniques, we were able to create a significantly thickened string.
Our string is very flexible, produces an audibly clearer sound and reacts more quickly to the bow compared to a string that has been thickened less.
Cello G-strings produced in this fashion perform well.
Pure gut C-strings need a more practiced hand and a curious mindset.

Wound strings are an important subject of research and testing. We are working on a viable solution.

Recommendation for playing at a frequency of A=415Hz: The following string set recommendations have the effect of equal tension on all strings.

Vibrating String Length 66/67 cm 68/69 cm 70/71 cm 72/73 cm
A 130 124 120 116
D 180 174 164 156
G 270 260 245 235
C 405 395 370 360

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